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    I am trying to integrate closed captions on my audio files. The problem is that the audio object controller size is set automatically by Lectora (300 by 114) and I can not figure out how to resize it. The position and size tab is locked on the size. I thought the little tutorial video on how to add closed captions said you could resize the viewer.

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    You can resize the font size of the captions in the XML file, but you cannot resize the audio player at this time.

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    Is this still the case, that you cannot change the size of the audio controller to support a larger volume of text?

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    I need to do the same thing…

    Can’t we edit the javascript or CSS or something to resize the audio controller?

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    This is exactly what I accomplished through a custom CSS on the player. To conserve real estate in the course, I widened the player, reduced the height and extended the length of the captions. I marked up the CSS file to help see where, what and how I customized the player. One thing to note is that in the design screen, you won’t see the customizations. To accommodate that, I created a shape at the top level of the course that matches the size and position of the player and captions so I could design around it.

    The sample is at the end of the forum post. I should probably share this one, but was holding out until I could tweak it a little more.


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