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    Hello. When a table of contents is inserted scroll bars will be added accordingly. If the title is long enough there will be an obvious need to have a up/down scroll. I am trying to find a method (if one exists) to create a second line on the TOC only to keep the width eliminating the need for a side scroll. The title explorer does not recognize the intention to created an additional line with the Enter command; it simply goes to the next element. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you.

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    G’day Gary,

    Just did some testing and if your TOC is NOT a dropdown type the you will be able to modify the TOC after publishing.  To do this, locate the TOC file in the publish folder, it will be named toc###.html, the ### will be the internal number assigned when you first created the TOC. Locate the page names that need to be split into two lines and insert the simple HTM tag <br>, replacing the space between the words.  Save this and test.

    It’s always a good idea to save the original just in case:-)

    The down side to this:  This is a manual process that will need to be done each time you publish because the publish process with overwrite the file, I suggest that you add a note on the first page with instructions specific for each title.


    Regards, Peter

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