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    TL;DR: Once an audio cut has been synced to events, is it possible to stop syncing it to events?

    Long story: We have source code for a course developed in Lectora by a vendor. Most of the audio cuts are synced to events, but only so the Next button in the course becomes active when the audio is done. (I don’t know whether the “On Done Playing” trigger wasn’t available in Lectora at the time or the vendor had some other reason for doing it this way or didn’t know better or what, but there it is.)

    Trouble is, when we bring that course up in Lectora 16 or 17, pages with those audio cuts on them do not load — no background image, no buttons, no audio, only the unformatted contents of text blocks preceded by “undefined”.  Turns out that what’s undefined is the “on done playing” event they synced to. (Don’t know why, don’t know how, but there it is.)

    If I save a cut, delete it from the slide, re-insert it and add an “On Done Playing” action, everything is fine. But I have almost 40 such cuts in this course, so if anybody has a quicker solution I’d be grateful.

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