How to Export Your Title for Sharing

Lectora includes the option to export all of your source files and resources into a single .ZIP file. This is useful if the title needs to be shared with a co-worker or sent to Trivantis Support.

Lectora titles are made up of many files and folders. The main .AWT file contains the structure and function of the course. But all of the images, documents, and other resources are stored separately in their own folders. So for someone else to open a copy of your Lectora title, they need to have all of the files in the correct locations.

To Export a Lectora Title to a .ZIP File:

  1. With your title open in Lectora, go to File > Export > Zip:Export a Lectora title to a .zip file
  2. When the save box pops-up, select your desktop or another location and save the zipped file.
  3. After sharing the .ZIP file with another Lectora user, they can extract it to a folder and open the Lectora Title.
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