Quickly Sync & Share Lectora Content Using Google Dropbox

Rick Nielsen will show you how to use Google Dropbox to work on a Lectora title on multiple computers.

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    Math Notermans

    A few remarks…
    Working inside a Dropbox is fine if your the only collaborator and for small projects. If you have bigger projects with lots of assets, including video and audio… well i do not like working inside the Dropbox. If any other collaborator changes anything it needs to be updated or downloaded. You might get double assets or syncing issues. So i prefer this process.

    – Use a separate workfolder. Dont work directly in the Dropbox folder.
    – When done with any part of your changes, sync your changes in the Dropbox folder with Beyond Compare ( http://www.scootersoftware.com/ ) , a good tool for syncing any media. And quick!
    – this way you limit your up- and downloads. Saving a lot of time on that. And little to no duplicates when multiple people are working on a project.

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