SCORM: How to Publish your Lectora Title to the LMS

This session will break down all of the SCORM options step-by-step and how to fully integrate your Lectora titles into SCORM. You will learn the options available within Lectora that will allow you to track completion status, SCORM publish content options and how to upload your title to your Learning Management System.

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  1. Profile photo of John S
    John S

    Video ran for about 8 minutes and then stopped. Also, audio was very low volume and of poor quality. Even with all controls at maximum, I found it difficult to hear the presenter.

    1. Profile photo of Jennifer Valley
      Jennifer Valley

      Hey John! I was able to pass the 8 minute mark so it sounds like you may have experienced some connectivity issues. I’ll continue to monitor the page today to see if there’s something else happening. I’ll also look into increasing the volume on the video as well.

  2. LMS Login

    Hey nice post. I hope it’s alright that I shared this on my Twitter, if not, no worries just let me know and I’ll remove it.

    Regardless keep up the great work.

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