Using Auto-Update in Lectora

You can update your installed copy of Lectora by downloading service packs from our website at or you can use the auto-update inside Lectora.

To run Auto Update:

  1. Open Lectora, go to the File menu and choose Lectora Preferences.
    Lectora Preferences
  2. In the Preferences window, choose Auto Update.
    Lectora Auto-Update Preferences screen
  3. Here you can set how often Lectora will automatically check for updates or disable the feature completely.
  4. You also have the option to click Check for Updates Now to manually check whenever you’d like.

You may need elevated or administrator privileges on your Windows computer to run the Auto Update. If the Check for Updates Now button is greyed out or you receive an error message you may not have sufficient privileges to run Auto Update.

Try starting Lectora as an administrator to remedy this:

  1. Make sure Lectora is closed.
  2. Right-click your Lectora icon and choose Run as Administrator from the context menu.
    Right-click Run as Administrator
  3. You may need to enter a login and password or click OK.
  4. When Lectora is open, go to Lectora Preferences and choose Auto Update.
    • If the Check for Updates Now button is now available you will need to make sure and run Lectora as an administrator when you want to access it.
    • If the Check for Updates Now button is still unavailable you will need to contact your local IT support or system administrator for help getting access to it.
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