Using Google Drive to Collect Results from Lectora

Lectora Inspire, Lectora Publisher, and Lectora Online include the option to submit your Test, Quiz, Survey, or Form Results to a Google Drive spreadsheet. You can use a spreadsheet on that you control on Google Drive (sometimes called Google Docs) to collect Lectora data instead of or in addition to using an LMS or custom server script.

  • Submitting your Lectora results to a Google Drive spreadsheet is currently only supported in Lectora v12 or greater and Lectora Online v2.0 or greater. Google has made changes to the process and it will no longer work in older versions of Lectora and Lectora Online.
  • The learner completing the test needs to be using the latest version of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Google no longer supports Internet Explorer 8 & 9 when submitting results to a Google Drive spreadsheet.

We’re going to use Lectora Inspire and a Test as an example but the same steps would apply to Lectora Publisher or Lectora Online and a Survey or Form could be used in place of the Test.

The first step when submitting your results to Google Drive will be to turn on the Google Drive results submission option in the Test settings.

Step 1 – Lectora Setup

  1. Select your Test Chapter in the Lectora Title Explorer.
  2. Go to the Results Ribbon at the top.
  3. In the Results Submission section of the ribbon, select “Custom Results Submission” and change the “Submit To” dropdown box to “Google Drive”.
    Test Results - Google Drive
    You can also choose to prompt the learner for their name or to show a message to the learner after the results have been submitted, if desired. You can see these options checked on the right in the above screenshot.

Step 2 – Choosing a Lectora Template in Google Drive

After setting up the Google Drive results submission for the Test in Lectora, the next thing that you will want to do is create the spreadsheet that will capture the learner’s results. If you do not already have one, you will want to create a Google account by going to:

After you have created your account or have logged in, please go to, or search the templates for “Lectora John Blackmon”.

*You must use one of the approved Lectora Templates for the results submission to work.
You cannot use a spreadsheet or template that you’ve created. But you can customize one of the approved templates after you select to use it.

Look through the available template forms and select the one that you would like to use. For submitting Lectora Test results, you will want to choose between the Lectora Test/Survey Submission – Anonymous and the Lectora Test/Survey Submission templates. The Anonymous template does not prompt for and record the learner’s name. For this example, we will be using the Lectora Test/Survey Submission template:
Lectora Templates on Google Drive

Select your template by clicking the “Use this template” button and it will open in a spreadsheet form. This file is now on your Google account, attached to your Google Drive.

Step 3 – Adding the Spreadsheet URL to Lectora

The next step that we will want to do is grab the URL for the spreadsheet. The URL is what will tell the course to send the test results to your specific spreadsheet on your Google account. To do this:

  1. Select the Form menu near the top of the spreadsheet window.
  2. Then select “Go to live form”.
    Google Menu - Go to live form
  3. Upon selecting “Go to live form”, the form format of your spreadsheet will open. Scroll to the bottom of the form and click “SUBMIT”.
  4. The URL that you want to copy is now in the Address Bar/URL Bar of your browser when you are viewing the form format of your spreadsheet. Copy that URL.
    Copy the Form Response URL from the Google Form
  5. Next, go back to your Lectora title. If it is not already selected, please select your Test Chapter from the Title Explorer again and go to the Results ribbon at the top. In the Results Submission section of the ribbon, make sure that you still have “Custom Results Submission” checked and “Submit To: Google Drive” selected. Click the “Settings” button just under that:
    Lectora Custom Results Settings
  6. A “Submit to Google Drive” window will popup where you need to paste in your copied URL into. Copy the URL into that window and click OK.
    Lectora Submit to Google Drive
  7. Your Lectora title is now setup to submit results to your spreadsheet on Google Drive


  • The time results can take to show in the Google document can vary. It can range from almost instantaneous to a few hours, but if you follow the directions above, the results will submit correctly.
  • If your course is published to an LMS and you want the learner’s name to be submitted to the Google Drive document, even if you have the “Prompt for Student’s Name” checkbox selected in the Test Results ribbon, the course will automatically gather that data from the LMS and submit it to Google Drive upon test submission, without ever prompting the learner for their name.
  • The submission works by sending a URL back to Google with all of the test data embedded in this URL. That being said, there is a 2048 character size limit for this URL. Please keep that in mind when developing your test. If you have a lengthy test with longer, or essay length answers, you may not be able to submit your results to Google Drive properly. We always advise that you test as you go, add a few questions, then preview and test to see if the results were submitted. If you add 150 questions to the test with each question having multi-word answers without testing as you go, it may not submit properly.
  • You can test submitting your results to Google Drive with the Preview Mode in Lectora v12, as well as in published content. But, due to a change in Google’s API, submission to Google Drive no longer works in Lectora v11.
Preview image

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  1. Profile photo of ClaudiaP

    Hello! thank you for posting this helpful document!!
    I’m wondering if someone has any idea what might be happening with my test results.
    The title I created has a test chapter with 20 questions. Questions 1-10 is a pre-test assessment. Questions 11-20 are spread out throughout the title’s different chapters.
    When submitting my results the google docs spreadsheet only tabulates results for questions 1-10, question 11 has records a random number and no data for questions 12-20.

    Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

    Thank you!


  2. Profile photo of Rhys W
    Rhys W

    I have been using Google Docs to store my Lectora test results for some time now. Today when I have tried to set up a new one I get the error message in Lectora telling me that the link is not in the correct format. I have followed the same steps as always and even gone through the above tutorial in case something has changed.

    Any ideas why my links are not correct? They are copied and pasted using the steps in this guide

  3. Profile photo of Evan Harris
    Evan Harris

    Rhys, from our interactions on your support case, you were using V11 to develop your course in. I know that we are now going to make a change to place this information near the top of the article, however Google Drive submission no longer works in V11 due to a change made by Google. V12 has the fix to compensate for this change by Google already implemented, so you can upgrade to V12 in order to have this process function correctly.

    As for your specific error message that you were seeing, V12 does have a slightly modified process for submitting to Google Drive in that the URL that you copy+paste into Lectora is different. In V11 you would just copy the URL of the main spreadsheet view of the form while in V12 you need to use the ‘Go to life form’ option as exemplified in Step 3 in the article above.

  4. Profile photo of Ivan Mesa
    Ivan Mesa

    I used it before and it worked fine, I have some old tutorials that continue reporting to Google drive without issues.
    Yesterday, I created a new tutorial using the latest Lectora Inspire version.

    I have a test with 24 questions and each of the templates is giving me a different problem:
    1. If I use Lectora Test/Survey Submission – Anonymous, it does not report my question number 16. It reports all the other questions and the final score at the last column.

    2. If I use the Lectora Test/Survey Submission, it reports all the questions, but it does not report the final score

    Any ideas of how to solve this mystery?

    Thank you in advance,

    1. Profile photo of crandallm

      I am having the same problem. Lectora Test/Survey Submission– Anonymous skips entry 17 and Lectora Test/Survey Submission skips entry 25.

      1. Profile photo of Brian Roemer
        Brian Roemer

        Same here…question 16, no matter which question falls into the 16th slot, won’t write to the “anonymous” sheet. Has anyone solved this issue? I’m considering placing a dummy question (not visible) as a placeholder for a temporary fix. Thanks!

    2. Profile photo of Mike Nelson
      Mike Nelson

      I am having the same problem. One of the answers gets omitted from the Google spreadsheet.

      1. Profile photo of Trivantis Support
        Trivantis Support Post author

        More information on the skipped items bug is available here:

        Our CTO John Blackmon explains that Google recently made some changes to their Docs and we are unable to change or edit the templates, without breaking the Docs submit completely.

        But, he adds, “Since the issues are at least consistent, they can be worked around by placing a dummy, invisible question in the place of that 16th and 25th slot, so that all of the answers are in place.”

  5. Profile photo of Andy Lockwood
    Andy Lockwood

    Results are collecting just fine following these instructions, thank you.

    I am having a problem with the fact that it only submits answers not the questions. Is there anyway (variables?) to force Lectora to include questions with their corresponding answers?

    Ideally, I’d just want the automatic test results at the end of the test to be shipped off to a database or spreadsheet for recordkeeping.

  6. Profile photo of Zachary Siejka
    Zachary Siejka

    This is awesome. I added a step 2.5
    Once you choose the template and it shows up in your Drive
    1. Open it and select File>Make A Copy,
    2. Open the copy & rename it (i made it match the name of my test in Lectora).
    3. Select Responses>Change Response Destination
    4. Select [New Spreadsheet], Check the name assigned…it should match your renamed form and end with “(Responses)”
    5. Click [Create]

    I actually did this twice because I needed two different URLs for two separate quizzes inside of a course. Users select a job title at the beginning and then take the appropriate exam. The results are coming over fine from Lectora Preview Mode and the version I put on the LMS. So far it is just 7 and 5 questions to test this functionality. I should have the full 20 questions by the weekend and I’ll report back if I run into and responses not showing up on the spreadsheet.

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