Sequencing with GSAP TimelineMax

As part of my Patreon course ( first need to have quite some lessons ready before i open it publicly ) i show a lot of Javascript – Lectora animation related things. As a big fan of GSAP i use it often and will be showing/teaching a lot about this library. On the community here a question popped up about GSAP and TimelineMax, a part of the library with which you can sequence animations in any way you can dream of. Although i have not finished the lessons about that part, sharing the partial setup i have for it here for now. In the final lesson a lot more explanation will be about the Javascript and how to get it working properly.

Preview image



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    Dora Pooler Ed.M.

    Ah ha! I see what you’ve done. I was trying to simply plug the GSAP code into the button itself. It worked for using the TweenMax but not for the TimelineMax. Thanks for you help!

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