Guidelines to Importing Microsoft PowerPoint Content Into Lectora

Many features in Microsoft PowerPoint are supported in Lectora, but not all. Importing Microsoft PowerPoint content is not an exact one-to-one conversion. This means that text and other objects might look slightly different after importing them. In this article, we’ll discuss a few of the enhancements, conversion rules, and considerations for importing PowerPoint into Lectora 16.2 and newer, and Lectora Online.

CourseMill: Assigning Students to a Reporter

This article applies to CourseMill 7.5 and higher. If you need to upgrade your instance, contact Thinking of submitting a support ticket? This article may assist if you are experiencing any of the following in CourseMill: Reporter cannot see students When a Reporter runs a report (native CourseMill reports or Advanced Reports) the results […]

Version Control in Lectora Online

Version Control allows only one person to work on a shared title (or a part of a shared title) at a time. When other team members try to make changes to the title while it is checked out, they will be warned that the title is already in use. This prevents team members from overwriting each other’s changes. Versioning is made possible through the Check Out and Check In process. When you’ve completed your necessary modifications, it’s a good idea to check in your changes so that you can create a version history of the title. When checking in changes, use the Comment field to provide brief descriptions of your changes. The comments you provide are displayed in the Title History window – along with the title’s date and time and name of the title creator – to help you discern between versions. You can restore a title from backed-up versions of the title that you have checked in using the Version Control process. When you restore the title, the restored version becomes the new current version. Additionally, you can restore a previous version to a new title.