Responsive Course Design in Lectora

Responsive Course Design is coming to Lectora! You will be able to develop new titles—and modify existing ones—for the best viewing experience across all devices and orientations, including:

• Desktop monitors/laptops,
• Tablets (landscape or portrait) and
• Smartphones (landscape or portrait).

Build once and publish once with Responsive Course Design. Register now for this webinar to hear from John Blackmon, Trivantis’s Chief Technology Officer, about how Lectora’s Responsive Course Design will work.

Custom Reports Made Easy

Can your LMS do custom reports like this? Join John Laws, Director of Learning Management Systems for Trivantis, as he shares how you can use CourseMill to deploy and track your training content. Discover how CourseMill’s new Advanced Reports feature lets you easily create custom reports, charts, and graphs. Learn how to add links to your desktop for immediate access to data without needing to log in. It’s so easy to track training results with CourseMill and John is here to show you how!

Creating Interactive, Immersive Learning for PC and Mobile Use

When you see learning content that looks like a high dollar production value video game or Hollywood movie, and it works on both PC and mobile platforms, it can appear as sorcery. But really, it starts with nothing more than detailed planning and design, smart use of the platform variable, and maybe a little ʺLectora Magic.ʺ We’ll cover these, along with some real-world, common problems like ʺiOS doesn’t let you auto-playʺ and ʺI get screen jitter on mobile devices,ʺ along with a few other savory morsels of creating cross-platform courses that are immersive, interactive, and engaging. People will be calling you a wizard in no time.

What’s New in the Lectora 12 Inspire Tools

Join this session to get an overview of the new features introduced in the Lectora Inspire Tools for 12. Build and enhance media contained within your title with TechSmith’s awesome Snagit and Camtasia products. Improvements and updates to Camtasia’s timeline feature will have you creating professional looking videos quicker than ever. Snagit’s new and improved interface provides a multitude of options for image capturing and editing.