Challenge 18: Cartoon Style Template

Here is a template I created for a cartoon style course I’m currently working on. I’ve included a couple of example pages from the course so you can see how it functions. The template also includes multiple examples of page layouts (panel buttons do not have an action). Ultimately, the cartoon panels can be laid out in a manner that best fits the page content/messages.

Preview image

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    Amy Hagen Post author

    When I previewed the course, I see that the page turn feature doesn’t move the same way it does when previewing the course in Lectora or running the published HTML from my computer. The page is supposed to go from right to left straight across, no angle.

    The Lectora file will show the action correctly if you are interested in that component.

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      Amy Hagen Post author

      Hi Jennifer, another member helped me solve the page turn issue, is there a way to change out the zip files in the contest post?

      Thanks, Amy

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