Christmas Shopping Extravaganza! – THE GAME

You! Yes you! I’m sure you’ve seen footage of Black Friday shoppers and gone “Wow… I want to be like them!”. Well now’s your chance! By playing the *coolest* state-of-the-art Christmas shopping game around. From this sensational shopping simulator you will learn the tricks to become the ULTIMATE Christmas shopper. Learn essential things such as.. adding up prices, subtracting prices, dividing prices and maybe if you’re lucky… multiplying prices! Wow-wee! What are you waiting for?! The deals won’t last forever! So get going rookie, test your *ice-cool* shopping skillz on…. **Christmas Shopping Extravaganza! – THE GAME**

Ages 3 and up

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  1. Profile photo of Jennifer Valley
    Jennifer Valley

    Awesome! I got a phone, apparently decimal points and I don’t get along when I can’t write up the problem.

    1. Profile photo of Jack Gayler
      Jack Gayler Post author

      Haha, fear not, expert shoppers don’t need decimals!… They simply throw money at the cashier

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