Contest 11: Andy Lockwood’s Resume

My submission to Contest 11: Impress With a Custom Resume ( and, incidentally, my first contest submission. I intend to go back and play with the design to make it responsive, but for now, it is not.

I decided that I wanted to so something easily organized and relatively to-the-point, so I ran with a file folder theme, hearkening back to the threat of a “permanent record”.

…I might be dating myself with that reference.


Preview image

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  1. Profile photo of Jennifer Valley
    Jennifer Valley

    I like how you called it your permanent record lol I didn’t realize until just now that you’re in Michigan. Ahhh my home state! How I miss Superman ice cream, the great lakes, and traffic cones (also known as the state tree). I’ll be up that way for the 4th. Wish me luck going North on 75 during a holiday weekend 🙁 Also, we might have a mutual acquaintance. A previous co worker of mine is currently working for U of M and has been for the last year (?). Did you work with an Amanda? She does ID, Performance Support, and Graphic Design things there I think.

    1. Profile photo of Andy Lockwood
      Andy Lockwood Post author

      I would love an opportunity to miss traffic cones – that would require less construction though! Might want to check your route on 75 before you head up, they’re working on it (again).
      I did not know any Amanda’s during my time at U of M, so we’ll have to find a different mutual acquaintance. 😉

  2. Profile photo of Zoa Bonofiglio
    Zoa Bonofiglio

    This is a great way to represent your resume. I like the layout of the folders and being able to interact with the content in a non-linear fashion. You have so many talents and interesting experiences. Great videos too!

  3. Profile photo of Alexis Scott
    Alexis Scott

    I love this! I, too, participate in NaNoWriMo, so it’s always exciting to discover a fellow WriMo in the wild, so to speak.

    1. Profile photo of Andy Lockwood
      Andy Lockwood Post author

      Thank you! Yes, I love running into fellow WriMos in my other communities. It provides us one more thing to talk about when we run out of fodder regarding books and writing (as if that would ever happen 😉 ).

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