Contest 12: App Simulation with checkboxes and radio buttons

For Contest 12 I originally struggled with the concept.  After some time on Pinterest and a conversation with co-workers I decided to explore the idea of using checkboxes and radio buttons in the context of a menu or restaurant. When I was developing the course I thought it would be a cool idea to incorporate an app into the mix. The backstory of two girls going out to lunch is pretty loose but gets the point across. I used the new checkboxes and radio buttons as well as user defined variables to create my final piece.

This is available as Lectora Desktop file (AWT) or Lectora Online file (PKG)

Preview image

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    Sergey Snegirev

    Wow, great idea for the intro and great idea for the menu, too! Few problems though:
    – the radiobuttons do not get reset with the Reset button, and also don’t act like radio buttons (they just get selected all at once).
    – Also, seems like some graphics is missing for the custom form elements.
    – When opening the AWT file in Lectora 16, it says some resources are missing.
    – The PKG file cannot be imported into the current Lectora Online at all, it says “version not supported”

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