Contest 18: Trivia Game Show

This was a title originally designed way back with Lectora 2007 or so that has been updated. It was developed before the availability of the elearning Bros options, and has stuck around for a while. The title of the game was sanitized along with the questions used in the game. Since the game was done before the buttons were updated with the more recent Lectora versions, the buttons are all custom images.

It’s meant to be played from a single player perspective. It follows the traditional format with two rounds of game play and a final question. Each round consists of 6 topics with 5 questions each. (2 rounds – 60 questions total) 

There are some additional things that were added such as:

  1. A menu button to allow easy/fast review of the questions. (currently disabled, but available to turn on)
  2. A simple text box in each category to act as an answer key (currently disabled, but available to turn on)
  3. A restart button to clear all game variables to begin new game.
  4. At the end of the game on the final question if they did poorly in the game and have a negative balance for a score they get a “gift” allowance of money to continue to the final question to wager. 

The title isn’t responsive, I’ve included the full source file as a download also. 

Preview image



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