Contest 21: Creating a Guide Character (Hootie the Owl)

For contest 21, I created a guide character with a solar powered owl figurine I had lying around the office. I incorporated him as a cutout and also in photos I took. The course is loosely a healthy eating guide for youth. I was a bit limited to office snacks and things in the office fridge for my photos, but you get the idea. 

Preview image

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  1. Profile photo of Andy Lockwood
    Andy Lockwood

    Nicely done!

    …though I take objection to the can o’ RediWhip not being the best option. 😉

  2. Profile photo of Stephanie Ivec
    Stephanie Ivec Post author

    Hey now, @alockwood6897, the quiz said “healthiest” option, not “best” option. If the question had been best, there would have been a much different correct answer haha

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