Contest 21: Master the Cannoli

At the risk of being greedy, here’s a second contest entry from a class I developed recently. Master Cannoli is a guide character I created for another course which —sadly, was retired, but he got new life in this newly created course for Demonstration Specialists.This is a stripped down version that skips a few sections, but the main interactives are there along with an Easter egg or two. And don’t forget devmode!

It was great fun to be able to leverage my cartooning skillz for eLearning… I created about 25 different drawings of Master Cannoli. Ultimately, I would love to get a voice narration to go with the course. But that is an extra that tends to restrict flexibility and add to development time. And I think he still has personality even without a voice.

How would YOU imagine his voice to sound, by the way?

Preview image

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  1. Profile photo of Steven Truitt
    Steven Truitt

    That was awesome. Seriously…either that course took a lot of time and effort or at least it *appeared* to do so. Great job!

    1. Profile photo of John Mortenson
      John Mortenson Post author

      Hi Steven,

      thanks for the kind words. The amount of time to create the course wasn’t too bad. All of the Master cannoli images were already created for another course, and we were able to borrow a designer for some of the images (lettuce, Fridge, cabinet, etc). The main thing that took time was coding and debugging. The open fridge/closed fridge was a probably not worth the time it took to code. With each of the Sampling Station pages, the user needed to be able to turn on options, go away and come back and find those same options selected and showing. This level of code “bullet-proofing” was the time-consuming part. However, from an elearning standpoint, I liked the delayed feedback and that the user really feels like they’re interacting with the environment.


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