Contest 21: Self Portrait in PowerPoint

For this month’s contest, I created myself as a character by converting a Lectora User Conference selfie into a vector image using only PowerPoint.  It wasn’t easy and took about 45 minutes but I know now that if push came to shove I could make something on my own.  I created a shortened video so you can watch me as I make my masterpiece.

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  1. Profile photo of Tamara Freeman
    Tamara Freeman

    I would love to see this video but the file will not load correctly for me. All of the resources are not found. I have Lectora Inspire 17. Any suggestions?

    1. Profile photo of Jennifer Valley
      Jennifer Valley Post author

      It sounds like your browser timed out during the download process. It’s quite large and if you’re not on a wired connection it’s not uncommon. You might want to try connecting to a hard line or trying a different browser.

  2. Profile photo of Tamara Freeman
    Tamara Freeman

    Good Job Jennifer. I finally saw the video. I have been learning about graphic design in PowerPoint so it was a fun exercise. I gave up on me after 20 minutes but the character turned out cute.

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