Contest 8: Expand Lectora® With xAPI – Peer Comparison

Contest 8: Expand Lectora® With xAPI – How to incorporate xAPI activities into Lectora®.
This demonstration will show how a group of people can share their learning experiences.
I call this Peer Comparison, whereby the answers to questions are recorded in the LRS and subsequently all answers are returned for review.
There is a summary on the first and last pages that shows how many people have launched the application and how many times the questions have been answered, this summary has been added for this contest and for your edification.
Typically, we would only be allowed to answer the questions once and in real life this application would be launched from an LMS – your details would already be known, however, as this is a demonstration you will need to enter your full name and e-mail address before the demo is launched, feel free to remain anonymous, however, please use an uncommon name, otherwise, the results will show many entries for “John Doe”, try here:
The first few people to launch the application will have a small amount of data to review, therefore, I suggest that you re-launch a few days latter and re-answer the questions again.
Regards, Peter
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