Crossword Puzzle

Simple crossword puzzle (with 4 entries; easily expandable).  Puzzle could be used to emphasis key terms/words in a course of instruction.  Learners would be able to associate the key terms/words to a fun activity (recall) when taking an end of course test or a quiz.  Ability to print the puzzle at the end could be used as a study sheet.

Expanding the puzzle to 20 or 25 entries wouldn’t be too hard since the variables and actions would be the same (other than being specific to each question and text box).  Adding more text boxes would take some time but nothing too difficult (getting them to match up letters will be the hard part!). 

This is my first contest submission!  Hope everyone likes it and I didn’t do anything too goofy or too simple!

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    Deron Warman Post author

    OK…so, I was in a hurry to finish this today and after looking at it, I realize “peddle” is incorrect. I can correct if needed but the idea is there for what it is. LOL!

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