Getting it right first time

This was the introduction to a module I developed for a pharmaceutical business on submitting documents to regulatory authorities. Often there were rejected on purely technical grounds such as incorrect formatting, headings not displaying correctly. 

The documents related to the submission of a new drug for approval. If they were rejected then the drug would take longer to become available for patients.

This part of the module asks learners to identify some of the typical technical errors in a document.

Note the module was created in a trial version of Lectora 16 so you will probably get a little prompt message when you view it.

Preview image



  1. Profile photo of Jennifer Valley
    Jennifer Valley

    Great Example! I love the use of slide out menus, It makes the course feel modern and also saves on screen space.

  2. Profile photo of Stephen Taylor
    Stephen Taylor Post author

    Thanks! I like to keep it simple to focus on the activity. The float in and float out animations are great way to keep it simple and free up the space for the learning.

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