Let’s Be Brief

During my childhood there were a few things that were certain – baseball cards made my bike sound awesome, a handful of quarters is all I needed to waste an afternoon, my Atari and Nintendo is what happened when I saved some of those quarters, and if I was home sick, I would be watching game shows on TV.  From The Price Is Right and Press Your Luck back then, to Jeopardy and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire recently, TV game shows still provide me with comfort watching.

For my Contest 18 entry, I was inspired by Deal Or No Deal.  In my case (pun!) I structured it to look, feel, and behave more like a knowledge check/test.  The learner will not only get a score throughout the game, but will always have the highest score at the end!

Preview image

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  1. Profile photo of Jennifer Valley
    Jennifer Valley

    @struitt The course has been outputted in SCORM or AICC and therefore has a beginning page of a001index.html. In order for the Preview button to work correctly, it must be output as HTML and start with index.html. Can you republish and send me the zip via email (jennifer.valley@trivantis.com). I’d be happy to reupload the files for you.

  2. Profile photo of Steven Truitt
    Steven Truitt Post author

    Quick note…question 9 does have a typo…”March” should have been “May.”

  3. Profile photo of Deron Warman
    Deron Warman

    Steven…awesome work on this knowledge check/quiz! I like playing a game while doing a review/revisit with content and the theme is great.


  4. Profile photo of Stephanie Ivec
    Stephanie Ivec

    This is the greatest contest entry we have ever received.

    I might be biased because it’s about the LUC. But I also love the ducks.

  5. Profile photo of Steven Truitt
    Steven Truitt Post author

    Thanks Stephanie. 🙂

    Working for Aflac, I see ducks in nearly everything I do.

  6. Malenna

    I selected “Preview” and was able to see the content of course. Congratulations Steven! Really good job.

  7. Profile photo of Laura Gillenwater
    Laura Gillenwater

    FYI, Preview didn’t work for me in IE11…I got a blank screen with the title bar reading “Welcome Page.” Tried it in Chrome, though, and it worked fine. Any ideas why this isn’t working in IE11 (and/or can someone else with IE confirm this, too, in case it’s just something about the way my company has configured our IE11 installation)?

  8. Profile photo of Andy Lockwood
    Andy Lockwood

    Well done! Quite slick the way it’s all built out.

    I was wondering if there was an Aflac connection here. I see there is. Nice!

  9. Profile photo of BigJon

    Laura, the course worked for me in IE11 (11.0.9600.18314CO).
    Oddly, in Chrome, I do not get sound, but I do with IE11.
    Great work, Steven!