Misty Kitzul’s Contest Entry – Firework Resume

I decided to put this together last minute, and started this about 7pm the day of the deadline. It’s a basic title that showcases how Lectora can be used to quickly create a website style title. 

Preview image

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  1. Profile photo of Elizabeth Dalton
    Elizabeth Dalton

    That’s a great compliment to get at work! I like your design, it’s clean and uses good images and layout.

  2. Profile photo of Misty Kitzul
    Misty Kitzul Post author

    Thanks, Elizabeth! There’s a few things I wanted to add, but it was one minute to midnight when I uploaded it and I wanted to be in the contest. I would like to create a second version that has more interactivity with responsive design and mobile options. I’d also like to add a more robust portfolio, a bit of background video, and a mini game.

  3. Profile photo of Jennifer Valley
    Jennifer Valley

    Great Example! And hello fellow Michigander! I’m currently living out of state but always consider the mitten my home.

  4. Profile photo of Misty Kitzul
    Misty Kitzul Post author

    Hi, Stephanie, I’ve owned “Content Is Queen Productions” since 1998. It started out as a little web design/content creation business and I’m morphing it into an eLearning company.

    Thanks, Jennifer, where are you now?

  5. Profile photo of Andy Lockwood
    Andy Lockwood

    Michiganders represent! Lansing here!

    I like that you kind of “force” people out to the other sections of the internet, like where your LinkedIn profile already exists. It’s a nice set up. Are all of the photos yours?

  6. Profile photo of Misty Kitzul
    Misty Kitzul Post author

    Hi, Andy, thanks for commenting. I purposely decided to have visitors go to other places on the internet for a couple of reasons. By linking to the LinkedIn profile, it allows me to easily update information where the e-module in the contest does not. I can’t even fix one minor thing that I saw as soon as I uploaded it. I saw this as a plus in this instance. Additionally, it allows for easier communication and connection with visitors who also have a LinkedIn account.

    Yes, all of the photos are mine. The fireworks and carnival are from the Battle Creek Air Show 2016 (Michigan), the fence landscape is near Chimney Rock National Monument (Colorado), and the photo of me is in front of Snoqualmie Falls and the Salish Lodge (Snoqualmie, Washington). I like to travel.

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