Responsive quiz/game Gustav’s trip

Team behind created a nice responsive game/quiz that can be used as a template and is our entry for Contest 7: Tell Your Story. Our main character – Gustav is about to go on a hike, can you help him collect the necessary items?

Characters, design and programming custom made by team behind

Enjoy and use at your own risk 🙂


Preview image

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  1. Profile photo of Karlis Sprogis
    Karlis Sprogis Post author

    Hi Jennifer,

    if possible we would like to also enter this into Contest 4, for the responsive design examples.

    team behind

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    Jurg van der Vlies

    Great design. I love the use of gif’s: not to much or pixelly, but enough to attract attention. Nice details. Did you make the gif’s yourself or do you have some great resource website for sharing? 😛

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