Contest 21: The power of Rebecca compels you!

This is a selection from a course about selling Dietary Supplements. I had to drop a bunch of elements for file size, but several choice moments of the guide character Rebecca are there as well as some interactive feedback. (Choose YES when she asks if Chad did anything wrong). REBECCA was a super fun character to write, and the voice actor from Fiverr did a great job capturing the tone we wanted.  By the way, the password is devmode, if ya know what I mean. 😉 All illustrations in the course were done by yours truly. Enjoy!

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  1. Profile photo of Andy Lockwood
    Andy Lockwood

    Well, someone is bringing their A-game to development!
    This is awesome, thanks for sharing! I really dig this whole course (or what you’ve shared), and your art is excellent!

    1. Profile photo of John Mortenson
      John Mortenson Post author

      Thanks, Andy. This was a fun course to build. The FIVERR talent really made it come alive.

  2. Profile photo of Zoa Bonofiglio
    Zoa Bonofiglio

    Whoa! Nice job. This course has a great feel to it and is highly engaging. I really appreciate the level of feedback and evaluation that is in the course, but in way that is still fun and interesting. I’m wondering if you would talk, or share, a bit about the design process for this project.

    Thank you!

    1. Profile photo of John Mortenson
      John Mortenson Post author

      Hi Zoa,

      thanks for your kind words. I developed this course after reading Michael Allen’s “Guide to eLearning” book and I really wanted to make a much more interactive course with Challenge, Context, interactivity, and Feedback. My goal in the design phase was – how can I let the student try this themselves instead of just telling them a bunch of stuff?

  3. Profile photo of Misty Kitzul
    Misty Kitzul

    I really liked this when I saw you demo it at LUC17, thanks for sharing this on the community. I’m interested in basic timelines for more in-depth scenario-based learning. Can you share some insight on planning time frames for a project like this?

    1. Profile photo of John Mortenson
      John Mortenson Post author

      John mortenson

      Hi Misty! Nice to hear from you again!

      Honestly, I don’t have much experience building scenarios… this course was my first attempt.
      Regarding planning time frames, it really depends, but it’s probably longer than you’d expect, especially if you’re new to it as I was.

      It took me a solid 3 weeks to work out the 2 scenarios for the DSHEA course, and even then, there were continuous tweaks and improvements throughout the development and test stages. There were actually 3 scenarios planned, but the 1st one became a non-interactive “watch how Chad interacts” example, partly for the sake of time.

      I had a total of 16 slides for the first scenario and 22 for the second one.

      Here’s my advice for building scenarios quickly…

      • before getting into the details, identify in writing the exact behaviors you want the user to demonstrate in each scenario as well as the traps or common pitfalls they should face.

      • You also should write down what competing priorities of the scenario are. In this DSHEA course, while the MAIN goal was to avoid breaking the law by saying the wrong thing, the user ALSO was trying to 1. give good customer service 2. make a sale and 3. demonstrate their product knowledge. In the real world, we have many different competing priorities- a good scenario should ALSO reflect this.

      • To keep your branching simple, figure out the main axis points that unlock each portion or the path. Create a diagram in Powerpoint or Branch track (or whatever) so you can visually see it.

      • Don’t lock users into a perfect or imperfect path with a single choice… there should be opportunities for getting back on the road to redemption or screwing up at every stage.

      • Be prepared to TEST a LOT with as many people as you can compel and make refinements based on testing.

      Hope this helps!

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