The Quest For DDP

Meet William.  He wakes up looking for a Diet Dr. Pepper, or ‘DDP’ as he calls them, but there isn’t one to be found!  So the search begins!  Will he find one?  Will he be able to defeat the evil Nathan, aka ‘The Younger Brother?’  Will he pause his quest for a quick bite to eat?  Find out in The Quest For the DDP!

On another note, this was my first course that was done with Lectora ’16/RCD.  It is a little rough around the edges but there is only so much actual work I can avoid in order to do this (don’t tell the boss).  

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    Bill Miller

    Love it! Lots of fun and the comic strip style was a really great way to tell the story. I especially love his beverage selection. Long Live Dr. Pepper!

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