Vocabulary Game

This is a Vocabulary learning game.

Guide your ‘Questor” around the map to look for ‘Quests” to complete. Collect Gems with a value of 100 points. 

But be quick! your Gems decrease in value as the time ticks away. When you find and correctly complete all 14 quests you will get a score. Try for a higher score as that will mean you really do have a good grasp of these Swahili words.

This is well suited to mobile use, so the game plays in both Desktop and in Phone Landscape modes. Portrait modes prompt you to rotate the device. Unfortunately the Tablet Landscape view doesn’t work well in this version but the phone view shows what could be! Sorry!

As a responsive design exercise it had several challenges and was quite instructive for me.

The Title is more full of Actions than it would be if I designed it again though – you have been warned 🙂

Hope you enjoy it!


Preview image

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    David Bowden Post author

    839 huh? Not bad for a Kiswahili newbie.
    This e-learning stuff works then !!

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