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Hi @jbrooks6669 and @wheels,

I am also having issues adding Captivate simulations published to html5 in my Lectora Online title.  I have tried following your instructions but seem to be missing something to make this work. I’m hoping you can share more of your expertise since you managed to make it work!

I have added a zip folder called Simulation (which contains the index.html file) to the title using Insert tab -> Attachment -> Folder (Zipped). I have added a Web window, selected Local Web-based Content and entered the file path Simulation/index.html. However when I preview the published page I get this error:

“500 – Internal server error. There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.”

Can you please explain how you found the correct URL to the attached zip folder? Or maybe give an example of the path name in Lectora Online so I know what I’m aiming for in my own title?

Appreciate if anyone in the community can assist me with this.