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The reason this occurs is that when we introduced the convenience of in-line variable replacement – so that you can put a variable into a text string, such as “Hello, VAR(Name)”  – Lectora/Lectora Online view that information as plain text, until the title is run. At that time it recognizes it as a variable because of the VAR() syntax. So when you are editing and change the name of your variable, Lectora/Lectora Online does not see that as a variable yet and therefore does not change it.

You are using: ChangeContents -> Target Text block,  Value -> Set Text,  Text -> Var(Assesment1_Score)

If you use: ChangeContents -> Target Text block,  Value -> Var(Assesment1_Score)

… (not “Set Text”) you’ll be okay when the variable name changes.

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