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For the variation you can add some simple CSS and it will work in any browser.

.makeScroll {
height: 35px!important;

Type the above out in a text editor like notepad. Change the file extension from .txt to all files. Save this as myCSS.css.

Add an HTML Extension at the root level of your lesson. Choose type: Cascading Style Sheet. Browse for file and select the myCSS.css file you just made.

Now add the class ‘makeScroll’ without the quotes to any answer text box you need to make scrollable. You do this by selecting the text box – click properties – then in the appearance tab you click the little down arrow icon in the bottom right. Add the class makeScroll in the CSS popup.

Personally I’m not a big fan of doing this and would only use it when rewording or re-arranging things isn’t possible.

Regarding your original question. Using JSON would be an awesome option however  getting it to work with the built in questions in Inspire would be a total nightmare. It would be a huge move forward for this program to incorporate the use of JSON data to populate questions.

  1. scroll.zip