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@klaatu – It’s very close. The only issue with this is that it disables all of the buttons on the player, including the volume button and time rail. I did try putting the pointer-events on the buttons themselves with no luck. Out of curiosity, does order matter in style sheets? My hunch is no, so I hadn’t tried adding it above the display: none for each button.

I still find it interesting that the same attribute for the Closed captions button completely removes it from visibility, clickability and the tab order.

@jvalley4735 – Thanks for the article! I’ll have to test it out and see what I come up with. Part of what I think I was missing was creating the sprite sheet with my custom icons. Having the CSS file there will definitely help out! One thing I noticed is that you can sort of use a custom skin even with Web Accessibility turned on – If you turn it off and choose one of the other skins, it retains the skin you choose with web accessibility turned off.

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