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Hi Jason,

I’d like to have a look at your AWT if possible. If it’s a large title and you can’t share it all, could you at least share an AWT with the one page containing the player you’re trying to modify? (File > Export > Zip will get the AWT plus all resources.) I’m the person who built the bluetea skin, so I might be able to help.

My guess about the height issue is that you’re changing the height of the background div, but since the images are provided via a sprite sheet, that’s not going to change the height of the actual images. I still have the vector version of the bluetea sprite sheet. So, if necessary, I can make a larger version of the sprite sheet for you where everything has a height of 47px instead of 30px or just share the editable vector file with you if you want to make any other modifications yourself. It’s an Adobe Illustrator file, but I could save it as an .eps as well.

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