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That’s actually perfect! I hadn’t thought to use the padding on the button itself to get that result so this solves one issue that was holding me back from implementing the player.

The next step is tab focus, since I need to verify accessibility and there’s some work for me to do there. In IE, I couldn’t tab past the CC button, but could in Firefox. However, the same thing happens with the default player

In terms of the button offset, it’s in reference to the clickable area that triggers the action. It’s slightly off the button image position – it’s the perfectionist in me that wants to correct it, but it doesn’t affect appearance or overall functionality. I found it when I inspected the element using Firefox when highlighting the mejs-button mejs-playpause-button mejs-play class in the CSS. I attached a screen shot, but it’s definitely not a show stopper.

Thanks for the tremendous help on this!

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