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Well I’m glad that much was a help! I did get a little more of the puzzle figured out this afternoon. I got the black div and the div containing the closed caption text to expand to the width of the player controls. The latest version is attached. Look for div[id^=”mep”]  and  div[class=”mejs-captions-layer mejs-layer”].

As for that play button thing, top and left did nothing, and adding a margin or padding threw off other elements in the controls. The “hot” area for the play button still seems to be okay anyhow if you do a sneak-up mouse over on it (at least it is for me). Maybe that one is not worth trying to fix.

Now for the not-so-good news. The issue with not being able to tab past the CC button in IE is likely related to a genuine bug that is still in the backlog. I brought it to the attention of the Lectora product manager today, and he’s trying to get it bumped up the list to be fixed. There could possibly be some sort of javascript workaround for it, but I wouldn’t know right now what that would be. That’s going to take a lot more digging since I don’t even know what’s causing it yet. Even if I did, I’m not certain I could fix it.

The only other alternative I could recommend right now would be to not use the controller at all and make your own set of controls via buttons, progress bar, etc. There was a bit of a discussion about doing that in the comments here: https://community.trivantis.com/shared-content/closed-captioning-with-webvtt/

I’d hate for you to have to go that route since you’ve already put so much effort into making your own skin! But if that’s the route you need to take, then I’d be happy to help you with that as well, if you need it.