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The not-so-good-news isn’t really all that bad 🙂 I started developing the skin to replace a set of customized button controls that required variables, action groups, conditionals, etc. Since I’m using a standard template for the large part of my curriculum, I know in the long run having a skin will make adding audio to my courses much faster.

In the meanwhile, I’ve attached the file with both the skin based on your edits and the customized default player with the custom buttons to control the audio.

The one thing I couldn’t nail down with the skin is changing the background of the captions to black, which I do have in the non-skin customizations. The CSS I use to modify the default player does set the text background to black, but I haven’t been able to integrate it in the skin CSS yet. I’d love to do that to avoid what my partner calls “code bloat” 🙂

Re: the caption button issue – It wouldn’t be too challenging to remove the caption button altogether from the skin and player (see the player with my custom buttons). From there, I could use the custom CC button over the player. The consideration there would be tab order, since the CC button would be separate.

Thanks again for all the help! I’m digging in on the replay/restart button as well and may even contact the mediaelement developer forum.