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Thanks Jennifer for mocking something up, I hope your gremlins are gone now! Sorry it took me so long to look at your example, I’ve been out on vacation for a while :). Thanks for mocking something up, I like a lot of what you have, although I think this would be cumbersome to build out (and prone to error) on a course with 200 pages for example.

I was thinking something more along the lines of a “Save This Page” object, that when clicked would Save the page to a list of pages. I mocked something up, and will attach it below.

The problem with my mock-up though is that, I can’t make my list of pages clickable. There does not seem to be a LO action to dynamically add buttons. Furthermore, I think to do this right, it would require external javascript. For example, ideally I would want to prevent the user from adding a page twice, I’d want to give the user an option to remove pages that were previously added to the list of bookmarks, I’d want to be able to sort the list of saved pages alphabetically. But I’d forgo all of that at this point just to get a simpler proof of concept working. I think I can handle the JS programming, but I can’t seem to figure out how to integrate it into LO and retain the list of saved bookmarks between sessions.

As an alternative route, I was also experimenting in LO with adding pages dynamically to a Table of Contents (instead of a text block object), but didn’t get too far with that idea.

Anyways, I appreciate your time and replies!