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Actually, the code I posted IS all that’s happening (in the JS anyway) – the page is an instructions page.

The page consists of 3 buttons (one going forward, one going back and and exit button). and a text box (as referenced above). That’s it! Maybe the problem is with the “activation” of the Lectora variable (which is only reached through JS at this stage).

In answer to your comments: the database query occurs on page 1 and  is never called on page 2. The delay that occurs is on page 2.

On page 2, there is no contact with the database as the Lectora variable holds all of the necessary info from page 1.

On page 2: I have not done anything with the Lectora variable but  I can still access it from JS (although slowly). I will activate it as  you say (I keep forgetting this Lectora quirk).

Thank you once again.