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Thank you Math as ever. Difficult to upload an example but I do have some information about the delay…

As you know, I had been complaining about an unwanted/unexplained delay. Well… as it happened a helpful colleague decided to be helpful and inserted a delay of 1.5 seconds in the Run JS action I was using. Unfortunately, this helpful colleague forgot to tell me he was being helpful and, not surprisingly, I did not look at the delays (which I discovered when my eyes fell on them by accident). So I am a bit red-faced about alerting you in this regard… Sorry to both Tim and Math.

As for the other problem, it does remain – I still cannot read the JS variable constructed on page1 from page2. To tell you the truth I have given up for the moment. I will try to optimize everything after I have completed the entire title. I just thought there might have been a simple solution such as declaring/initializing the variables further up the Lectora tree, maybe at the title level.

Thanks again…