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There is an accessibility group hosted on the community, but you have join to read things.  Someone posted a solution there:  https://community.trivantis.com/groups/lectora-accessibility-user-group-laug/forum/topic/logical-order-vs-tab-order/ (Thank you William Griffiths!)

In case you are not a member, it basically says that if an image with both “empty alt text” and “always on top” is defined at the top in the title level, this would ensure that this element would have the effect of moving the array over one value, and the next element would be assigned a tab index of 1 and be the very first element in the tab order. I tried this and just put a transparent button at the top of the title with no action. The transparent button is now tabindex 0 and the real buttons start with tabindex 1. This worked for us. It was easier than writing Javascript.