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@klaatu – Here’s a zip of what I’m trying – I added a list of actions to the button that describe what I’m trying to do. Basically, there’s a button appended to the image that changes the text of the entry field. However, the learner wouldn’t see this change unless they’ve already scrolled down manually. I want the button to scroll the image up so that when the text changes, the learner will immediately see the text in the entry field.

After some brief google searches, I found a tutorial on how to create a “go to top” button, but I’m not entirely sure that it applies to a scrolling text box. Breaking it down, I believe that it’s the “.scrollTop value defines where it would scroll to. Thoughts?

(FWIW, I told my wife, who’s a developer, that I was looking at W3C schools and she wrinkled her nose at me.)