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That’s a nice suggestion. Until it is implemented

It is pretty easy to change the default paragraph styling globally, but keep in mind what you do will supersede all other <p> style settings that conflict.

Add an HTML Extension – Cascading Style Sheet with the following:

p {
padding-top: 10px!important;
padding-right: 10px!important;
padding-bottom: 10px!important;
padding-left: 10px!important;

The above will put 10 pixels of padding all the way around each paragraph. You probably could get away with just padding-bottom and change the number to whatever you like.  Have fun experimenting.

Again, I want to warn you that any property you set like this overrides any <p> styling that conflicts. Another thing to keep in mind is that Lectora sometimes exports using some unexpected markup to make things work with their programming so you need to make sure changing the default this way doesn’t have an unanticipated effect on something else.

Hope this helps.