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Here is the offical documentation (not sure if you were on that page): https://trivantis.com/help/CourseMill/7.5/en/AdminGuide/index.html#752.html?Highlight=archive

Personal recommendations include: “customers can archive users whenever they want – the site defaults to archive users who have been inactive for 2 years (730 days) – but you can set this to be any number of days. With the managed property set AND the archive schedule set to run every nite – the system will archive those users each time that job is run. It is also possible to restore anyone who is in the archive folder – you can run a general report called List of Archived Users which will tell you WHO is in the archive folder and then follow the instructions to restore that/those users.”

For any general questions, you can always contact the Support team or our general email (info@trivantis.com) to be directed to someone at the company.