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Sure, Janet! There may be multiple ways to approach this, but here’s what I would to:

  1. Create a variable called something like ChosenImage, with the initial value of 0 (zero).
  2. Add an On Click action to the first image on page 1 to set the ChosenImage variable to 1.
  3. Copy that action to the other images on page 1.
  4. Update each copied action to set the ChosenImage variable to 2 on image 2, 3 on image 3, on up to 10 on image 10.
  5. On the last page of the chapter, add an On Show action to show image 1 if ChosenImage is equal to 1.
  6. Copy that action and paste it nine times so you have 10 On Show actions.
  7. Update each copied action to show image 2 if ChosenImage is equal to 2, image 3 if ChosenImage is equal to 3, etc.

Good luck! Post back if you run into any trouble.

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