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Hi Traci – There are a few things that may come into play in this scenario, so this might be a good checklist to use to verify things are setup correctly.

  • Is the test part of Assignable Unit (AU)? If not, the course may not correctly report values to the LMS.
  • On the test Result option, is “Include test score in overall score” check marked?
  • Check the button called “Done” on the Last Test Page. When you first create a test, the only action by default is “Process Test”. Make sure that somewhere in the course the AICC_Score and AICC_Lesson_Status are set.
  • I recommend using an onShow action at the page level of the page AFTER the last test page. Using a button to set the variables can sometimes be problematic. I’ve found that setting them as an action on the Exit/Close Course button can be problematic, so I set them as onShow for the page.
  • When publishing to SCORM, is “The published course will report Test/Survey Question Interaction to the LMS” checked?

Those are some of the things I use as a checklist when publishing my courses. Why the exit/close course button wouldn’t work on the LMS may be unrelated, but could also be affected by the order of actions on the button.