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Hi Margaret – I was actually halfway through a draft response to your email to the LAUG group yesterday, but got pulled away.

Did the reviewer offer any more feedback on what specifically was wrong with the button? There are a few things I think about if I’m offering a SkipNav option:

  1. Add an onKeystroke action to the button so the learner can use the keystroke instead of having to tab-click (spacebar).
  2. Screen readers in general read the page title before reading any navigation or contents, so having the button go to the title again is redundant. SkipNav is better served by jumping to the content instead.

One other thing I tend to do is add all of the navigation buttons as a group at the title or AU level, then set the group to “Set reading order to last”. This bypasses the need for a SkipNav option at the top and takes the screen reader straight to the content. If you could post a sample, I could take a closer look if you’d like.