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Yes – you should be able to add the question variable too so that you would see what answer has been given. The problem with that is that the full answer text is appended. I think SCORM 2004 (is that what you are using?) has a higher allowance for the suspend_data text but it would still fill quite quickly if you have a lot of questions. You can replace the answer text in the questions with a more coded approach (i.e. Q1-A, Q1-B etc) and hide these text boxes on the page – then just add text boxes with the actual answer text. This will use less space and provide a more readable/analysable output. (If you randomise the order of your answers though this will not work)

This approach would still require access to the suspend_data field from the LMS. I generally use SCORM 1.2 so don’t know offhand if SCORM 2004 offers any better solution.