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Hey Tim, bringing this topic back for some assistance.

Have been using your intoDiv example. I’ve noticed that this example works perfectly in Chrome, but not so much in IE. Having a number of issues with Chrome running Lectora modules at work (ugh) and have to resort to IE while it is resolved.

When opening in IE, the vertical scroll bar appears, but it appears disabled and will not scroll or even allow me to click the up/down arrows. Again, works perfectly in Chrome.

I have the External HTML object set as Top of file Scripting:

<script src=”jquery-1.10.2.min.js”></script>


The ‘TargetDiv’ Custom Div with the OnPgShowRunjs: $(“#targetdiv”).css(“overflow-x”,”hidden”);

And each targeted object on the page that I want to appear in the custom div set with the appearance CSS class: ‘intoDiv’

Any suggestions if this is possible in IE?