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Hi Margaret – I was able to resolve one question with the page, setting the Skip Nav button to get visible focus first when the page loads. I added a RunJS to the button that gets the HTML ID for the button then sets the focus (see the first action on the button).

I was also able to get better success for the Skip Nav button by using a Go To Web address and using the name of the ContentStart text block. The “address” to enter is #text979 or #<name of element on the page>

In a test with NVDA, the focus, reading order and click on the button worked. I also set the reading order so it reads the Top navigation items from left to right, then the next button. (Personal pet peeve – when setting a group to reading order last, it reverses the expected reading order. Instead of top to bottom, groups set to read last go bottom to top in the group.)

Test it with the html, not the preview, as the preview in browser doesn’t add the alt-tags correctly for reading.

  1. Set-Tab-focus.zip