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I’m having issues with Healthstream as well. I created a test with five questions. Once a learner gets to the completed page, I have three variable set up to update my information in Healthstream.

  • On page show>Modify Variable>AICC score >set equal to> 100
  • On page show>Modify Variable>AICC lesson status >set equal to>completed
  • On page show>Modify Variable>CMI_Completion_Status>completed

When I publish the zip file into Heathstream and run the course, I receive three pop-up errors when I click the next button on the last test question. The next button has one action set and its to process test on mouse click. If I click ok on the errors, I’m able to go to the completion page and finish the course. Once I’m back in HealthStream, everything updates, completes, and score shows 100%

Any ideas on why I’m getting pop-up errors while I’m in the course? Attached are images of the errors.

I appreciate all and any help. Thank you!